June 9, 2017

Cloud Hosting
Need advice on how to architect your cloud infrastructure? New to the “cloud”? Please contact us, we’ll provide a free assessment and suggest solutions to best suit your needs and budget. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are great solutions if you know how to use them, we can help! There are also less-known but just as reputable and reliable cloud providers to choose from.

Web Services
Web Services are essentials to today’s distributed computing. They provide portability of your corporate IT resources across platforms, as well as added reliability, scalability and security. If you are planning a mobile app to better serve your customers, you will need a web service to interface between your secure internal data or systems and the mobile app. Deciding which type of web service you need can be a tricky proposition and could lock you in a solution that is either too lightweight or overkill. We have built web services since 2008 and will provide you with the most adapted solution for your company. We can also host, monitor and manage your web services.

Classic ASP Legacy Maintenance or Migration
Got some old systems running great with Classic ASP? You are not alone, there are still over 1.3 million ASP pages running on the internet! Microsoft no longer provides updates for this platform but sites written in Classic ASP will be able to run on Microsoft IIS servers for the foreseeable future. If you need maintenance and improvements to your Classic ASP websites, for example, to make them mobile-friendly or to make sure they are protected from today’s sophisticated hacking attacks, please talk to us first! If you want to upgrade your Classic ASP website to .NET or Angular, we can help too!