PLACE FINDER Version 1.1.2 update is here!

//digital things just released PLACE FINDER, a powerful, fun and easy-to-use mobile app for people on the go!

With PLACE FINDER, it takes seconds to find a restaurant, bar, hotel, or any business near you or anywhere in the world using the “virtual travel” feature. With access to 100 million businesses in 50+ countries, you will find what you are looking for, every time, everywhere.

You can customize your PLACE FINDER experience by choosing your favorite color theme and fine-tuning the search settings to best fit your environment. You can also save your favorites places, PLACE FINDER will automatically remember what you liked and will remind you on your next visit!

Trying to stay fit? PLACE FINDER automatically flag places that are within walking distance 😉

PLACE FINDER searches are strictly location-based and it does not favor businesses based on obscure ranking rules or advertising. We believe this benefits both app users who get accurate information and businesses who now have an equal opportunity to be appear in search results.

Download PLACE FINDER Pro from Google Play



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