VELL is here…

WELLNESS WITHIN REACH. Wellness for all, wellness made affordable and readily-usable expert health advice at your fingertips. That’s what VELL is about.

The world’s first Holistic Health System designed to optimize your health – on demand.
Positioned at the intersection of Holistic Health, Wellness and Technology, the VELL platform and mobile app focus on the treatment of pervasive health issues. It addresses chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, hormonal and reproductive issues, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases and many others health complaints.

VELL is a joint venture between //digital things and Dr Ken Grey, world-renowned and highly respected holistic physician, well-known for his “Quality Living” shows on NPR. //digital things provided the application architecture and technical know-how to translate Dr. Ken’s knowledge and expertise into an internet platform.

VELL runs on everything, your phone, your tablet, your laptop/desktop and intends to be your constant and reliable companion for better quality living.

Visit the VELL Health website to learn more and download the free app to get you started on your way to a better quality life.

The //digital things team