We can build your smart app, soup to nuts!

Traffic from smart phone and tablet users represents over 70% of internet usage. And, users spend more time using apps than on any other internet media. So, being “mobile-friendly” is of critical importance for any business.

But unless it’s a simple tool or game, there is much more to a smart app than an attractive user interface and some clever programming. As a business software integrator with years of experience with fast-growing companies, our primary focus is to make sure that your smart app will enhance your business and keep it secure.

This is why we developed our own cloud-connected tier for all services needed by mobile-friendly web sites and mobile apps and make it available to you, along with a wealth of complementary business and IT services.

We are showcasing this technology with our own smart app, //digital things’ PLACE FINDER. We did not cut any corners building this app. It is an independent “mini-search engine” that has access to over 95 million businesses in 50 countries. PLACE FINDER uses our own scalable cloud infrastructure, for better performance and availability. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, so visit the app page and see what we can do for you!

Best of all, PLACE FINDER is FREE, go get it and enjoy!
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